Message from Ohio North Referee Committe

From the Ohio North State Referee Committee.
We are in desperate need of referees in the Akron/Canton area.  Our goal is add 50% more officials in 2016, and another 500 new referees in 2017.  We cannot do that without YOUR help.
We are looking for referees, and have entry level classes scheduled.
Becoming a referee is a 2-step process.  First, the person registers with our online training and assignment site, and completes an online course on the basic Laws of the Game.  Then the person attends a full-day in-person training session to make sure that this learning has been effective, clear up any misunderstandings, and deal with many of the practical issues.  To start this process, the candidate should visit the SRC web page, here:
In the immediate future, there are classes scheduled in Green on February 20.  The cost is $75 plus a local clinic fee of $25.  All the online work must be completed before someone is allowed to sign up for an in-person class.
Please spread the word to all the families that have played with your GAASA club during 2015, and all those you expect to play in 2016.  We have so many games available that any referee who does all the things expected of them will easily make back their investment in course costs and uniforms.  Referee fees in GAASA start at $28 per game, and there are many games that pay much more available.
If you or any person in your club has any questions about the referee program in the Akron/Canton area, please have them contact Jim MacQueen, Akron District Referee Administrator at:
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